Superintendent Connolly’s August Letter to Community

Dear Weston School Community,

Here we are in the waning days of summer, and I write this hoping that you had time to be with family and friends and enjoy some time away from work and school.  Schools are wonderful places for many reasons, but one is that each year we get to begin anew. 

Much work has been done across the district to get the schools ready for the new year.  Some of those include new PA systems at four of the five schools (Field School did not need one) and a new kitchen floor at the High School.  The Middle School has a new science classroom and the gymnasium floor has been resurfaced.  There have been improvements made to the front of Field School which makes access to the playground safer.  The Country School preschool area received a new hardscape that adds space to the outside play area, and the Woodland School is currently undergoing significant work in the back of the school to assist with erosion control and increase outside instructional space.  This is not a complete list, but just some highlights of work that has been done during the summer.  A special thank you to the custodial staff who have been working all summer to prepare the buildings for our return, and the schools look clean and bright.

Parents will be hearing from individual schools next in the next week with information including, at the elementary level, who each student will have for a teacher in the 2018-2019 school year.  One change we have made this year, to insure alignment with Federal Law and the U.S. Department of Education’s Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) is that we will not be providing class lists; instead parents will receive only a child’s class placement. 

In addition to these changes and updates we have hired and welcome to Weston a number of new employees this summer and those positions are listed below:

Dr. James (Kimo) Carter, Assistant Superintendent of Teaching and Learning

Sheri Matthews, Assistant Superintendent of Finance and Operations
Dr. Daniel Green, Field School Principal
Timothy Heavey, Director of Human Resources
Laurie Melchionda, Director of Health Services
Dr. Stephen Ribisi, Grade 6-12 Science Department Head
Benjamin Wilkins, Budget Analyst

Amanda Baker, Special Education Teacher (Woodland & Country Schools)

Robin Breitman, Board Certified Behavior Analyst (Woodland School)
Elizabeth Callahan, Speech & Language Teacher (Woodland School)
Jonathan Eldridge, Music Teacher (Middle & Field Schools)
Donna Guzman, Instructional Coach (Country School)
Daniel Keller, English Teacher (Middle School)
Emma Kwon, Library Specialist (Country, Field, Woodland Schools)
Alexizendria (Zena) Link, English Teacher (High School)
Jade Nicholson, English Teacher (Middle School)
Felicia O’Brien, Instructional Coach (Woodland School)
Jennifer Olivetti, Kindergarten Teacher (Woodland School)
Nicole Poutasse, Kindergarten Teacher (Country School)
Veronica Quinn, Latin Teacher (High School)
Caroline Scheibe, Long Term Substitute Music Teacher (Woodland School)
Anne Slotnick, Drama Director (High School)
Kate Stento, English Teacher (High School)
Diana Tintle, Grade 4 Teacher (Field School)

I am looking forward to the start of school and look forward to working with you to provide the best possible school opportunity for all of our students.  If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me.


Dr. Midge Connolly