WPS Administration Virtual “Afternoon Tea” Rescheduled to April 14th

The Weston Public School Administration will hold a virtual “Afternoon Tea” on Tuesday April 14th at 4:30pm (rescheduled from April 13th). Join us to discuss the current state of the “School From Home” program. Connection details will be emailed to parents a few hours prior to the meeting with a video conference URL and password.

In attendance will be:

· Dr. Midge Connolly, Superintendent
· Dr. Kimo Carter, Asst. Superintendent of Teaching and Learning
· Ms. Sheri Matthews, Asst. Superintendent of Finance and Operations
· Ms. Jennifer Truslow, Director of Student Services
· Dr. Lee McCanne Director of Technology and School Libraries
· Ms. Amy Kelly, Director of District Advancement

Questions can be emailed to Dr. Kimo Carter at carterk@weston.org or Amy Kelly at kellya@weston.org prior to, or during the “tea.”
This is a closed event for parents/guardians of students in the Weston Public Schools.