Video Conferencing Protocol Adjustments Letter 5/6/2020

Subject: Video Conferencing Protocol Adjustments

Dear Parents/Guardians,

As Weston Schools seek to ensure the effectiveness and security of our video conference sessions, we are asking for parents/guardians and students to help us with the following video conferencing guidelines:

  • Students must display their full (classroom known) name in the conferencing tool profile.  Younger students may need help with this if working on a parent’s device.  (This applies to Zoom sessions, Google Hangouts Meet does this automatically)  For students using non-school devices, the following steps will help avoid parents/guardians needing to change their Zoom account name.
    • Have your students go to
    • Click on the “Join a Meeting” link (top center)
    • Enter the meeting ID and/or password supplied by your teacher
    • Enter full (classroom known) name
  • Students need to turn on their cameras to verify identity when attendance is taken.  Students and parents/guardians are encouraged to keep cameras on, if possible, to allow for visual feedback about the attention and engagement of students. Students/Parents/Guardians can ask for exceptions via their guidance counselor.

Thank you for your support,

Lee McCanne, Ed.D.

Director of Technology and School Libraries

Weston Public Schools and the Town of Weston