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Planning Team: Strategic Objectives, Initiatives, Mission, and Vision

At the most recent Planning Team meeting, Dr. Connolly shared a draft of the strategic objectives and strategic initiatives that will form the Superintendent’s Strategic Plan. With our Planning for Success consultant, Lori Likis, the balance of the workshop focused on developing a set of drafts: a mission statement, a vision statement, a set of […]

The Homework Conundrum – What the research says

For years, the “Yes, Homework”/”No, Homework” debate has existed. Homework has been questioned in terms of the time spent to complete assignments; the age at which homework should start; the amount of adult support required; the purpose of assignments; etc. For every opinion, there can be an opposing opinion. For every child, there can be […]

Homework Committee

A Homework Committee was established during the 2017-18 school year.  The charge of the committee was to consider the current homework policy and practices as well as collect current data from faculty, students, and families with the goal of proposing an updated policy for school committee consideration that outlines the most effective and beneficial experiences […]

Strategic Planning and Visioning: Visioning Protocol

Over the course of the fall, numerous groups have participated in a three-question visioning protocol as part of the Planning for Success model of strategic planning. All the data gathered from these workshops have been used (and will continue to be used) to determine common themes and as a way to listen to and hear […]

Strategic Planning and Visioning: SWOT Analysis

One of the first workshops for administrators in the Planning for Success process was to perform a SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats) analysis regarding the overall PK-12 experience. In doing so, the following opportunities were identified. Please note: These are not comprehensive. They are representative and more will be identified as the process continues. […]

Strategic Planning and Visioning Calendar

The process began in the spring of 2017 when the Administrative Team met with our consultant, Lori Likis, from Planning for Success. The tables below provide an outline of the work completed and the work that will be completed over the next several months. Activity Date Admin Retreat 1: SWOT analysis; envisioning the future April 7  […]

Strategic Planning and Visioning Committees

There are two main committees which form the backbone of the strategic planning work in Weston: The District Administrative Team and the Planning Team. These two committees work in parallel on similar activities and data analysis. The shared work will ultimately result in Dr. Connolly’s 3-5 year strategic plan and a synthesized vision and mission […]