CS/PTO Laundry Bags Needed

Request for Laundry Bags
Who knew it would snow on October 30th?! We are asking for your help with winter gear storage. As our children cannot have loose winter gear and the hallways and classrooms look different, each child will need to have a Drawstring Laundry Bag that is easy to close, is washable, and not mesh.

The following is an example of a durable, under $10 laundry bag that may work well. Any color works. Please note there are 2 sizes: Large, and X-Large (the larger bag might be a little too big for our youngest students).

These can be labeled and brought to school with your child as soon as you like and they will be sent home with your child weekly for laundering. Please contact Midge Connolly if she can offer help with this purchase (remains anonymous).