Hope Grows Project

Hello Country School Families
We know the past year has been like nothing we have ever experienced before. 2021 has already introduced its own challenges. However, through it all, this incredible Country School Community has come together to rise up in the face of adversity and do unbelievable things. Building upon this, we want to introduce The Hope Grows Project, a lotus flower-based art project jointly produced by the Country and Woodland PTO and our wonderful lower elementary school art teachers, Dana Lanciloti and Jake Ginga.
Why the Lotus Flower?
The lotus flower is a symbol of hope and transformation.  It grows in muddy, murky water, and yet, it rises up through all of that muck, fights its way to the surface, and blooms into a beautiful flower.  It is a reminder that good things can come from even the toughest of situations.
What’s the Project?
With this in mind, each student at Country and Woodland will be encouraged to create their own lotus flowers.  Students and families can follow along with this video to create a lotus flower out of origami paper.  Younger students have the option to use a template of a lotus flower to color or paint their flower. Have your child customize their flower however they see fit!
To help bring together our two school communities even further, on Thursday, January 28th, all Country and Woodland families are invited to a Hope Grows Art Night where art teachers Dana Lanciloti and Jake Ginga will host an evening of lotus flower origami.  This is a great opportunity for kids and grownups alike to make lotus flowers together! More details to be sent separately but please save the date!
How Does My Child(ren) Get Art Materials?
All materials will be sent home in backpacks for in-person students and will be available for pickup for all RLA students this/next week.  We ask that each student create two flowers — one to send back to school and one to put up in a window at home.  The lotus flowers blooming from your windows will show how we are all bound together as one community during this time.

Creating a Permanent Country and Woodland School Art Installation

The flowers returned to school will be used to create a larger art installation which will be a permanent fixture in our schools.  The work will serve as a reminder of how our community came together and even amidst all of the darkness and murkiness around us, we worked to create something beautiful.
The Final Details
The deadline to return the flowers to school is February 5th.  In-person students can submit their work directly to their teachers (by sending into school via backpacks) and RLA students can drop off their flowers in a bin that will be located in front of the school labeled “Hope Grows Project: Lotus Flowers.”
Please let us know if you have any questions.

This project was inspired by The Lotus Effect, a community-built installation which was recently on display at the Rubin Museum in New York City.

Jill & Taylor
Country School Co Chairs