CS PTO Update

Dear Country School Families,

We made it!!! Tomorrow is the last day of the 2021-2022 school year!

57 announcement emails later…the last one of the year! As we head into the last day, I want to take a moment to say THANK YOU!

Thank you, families!

Thank you all so much for a fantastic year at Country! CS is so fortunate to have such thoughtful, dedicated, and generous families. The past few years have been a wild journey and I’m so amazed by how we came together in support of the schools, the teachers, the students, and each other!  Thank you for reading our emails, contributing to teacher appreciation, attending events, participating in school-wide endeavors, and helping to support our school, our students, and our faculty and staff.

Thank you, Jessie!

Thank you so much to my Co-Chair extraordinaire, Jessie Grasshoff! I can’t sing your praises enough! You are a magical human, and your compassion, creativity, calm sensibility, and enthusiasm for all things Country will serve us all so well next year! I have loved working with you and can’t wait to see what you’ve got in store for next year!

Thank you, Room Parents!

Thank you to our CS Room Parents for all you have done this year for our classes, and our teachers! We are grateful for all of your efforts this year.  Thank you to Jessie Chan, Thuy Lam Saunders, Carine Simon, Jessica Catlin, Sarah Dussault, Sarah Fisher, Gloria Lee, Erin Tetler, Christina Stuber, Elissa Bean, Jenna Schmid, Jess Kaplan, Nicole Gibson, Rae Li, Claire Huang, Christiane Tolley, Jordan Tobey, Michele Rachwalski, Taneyri DeJesus, Amanda Dudley, Liz Meca, Beth Cohen King, Laura Wilson, Julie Lee, Marian Johnson, Noelle Hartshorn, Kristen Stuart, Erika McAuliffe, Kat Wilberton, Chris Kendall, Angie Janssen, Stacy Simon, Vicki Gifford, Serena McNally, Mira Kelsey, and Kristina Simonyan.

Welcome, Jess Kaplan!

Please give a very warm welcome to Jess Kaplan who will be joining Jessie in the fall as her new Co-Chair of Country School PTO. Jess has been an excellent addition to the Room Parent team for the past few years and we are so lucky to have her as a Co-Chair! I have no doubt that once we all get past the name confusion, it will be an amazing year with Jessie and Jess leading the PTO for Country School!

Wishing you all a very happy last day tomorrow and a wonderful summer!

With lots of love and appreciation,



A huge CONGRATULATIONS to our third graders and their families, and good luck in your new schools next year!  For all our returning families in the fall, we want to wish you a happy summer and we look forward to seeing you after a well earned vacation!

Below are the PTO announcements and reminders for the last day of school!

  1. Weston PTO “Covid Relief” Funds at CS

  2. Tuesday 6/21 Dismissal – 11am!

  3. CS Lost & Found

  4. Third Grade Events (Clap Out  & Pool Party!)

  5. Case House Gazette – Spring Concert Videos!


Taylor & Jessie

Country School PTO Co-Chairs



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Country School PTO Announcements for the LAST DAY OF SCHOOL!

1. Weston PTO “Covid Relief” Funds at CS

As we wrap up the year, we are excited to share a special PTO initiative taking place this spring. In May, the Weston PTO allocated funds from our reserves to serve as “Covid Relief” for students. PTO allotted a one-time $2,000 per grade and $500 to preschool beginning in May, and CS was able to use up to $4,250 to serve our 315 students.

Our students have been through so much over the past few years, and their resilience is inspiring. We hope to use this “covid relief” to impact as many CS students as possible this spring and into the future.

Our goal was to use the funds to make the end of the year special for our current CS students and create lasting spaces that will impact CS students for years to come.

This spring, we used funds to cover

  • Wildcat C.A.R.E.S. Scavenger Hunt supplies and ribbons

  • A visit from the Kona Ice truck at the All School Picnic

  • A performance by a magician at the All School Picnic

  • Reusable decorations for the All School and Third Grade Picnics and Clap Out

  • New balls for the picnics that we have donated to the CS playground

  • Commemorative pens for the entire third-grade class

  • A photographer for a DIY photo booth at the Third-Grade picnic.

This summer we plan to use funds to cover

  • Buddy Bench for the CS playground

  • Book Nook inside the school

We plan to purchase a Buddy Bench for the playground to serve all students beginning next fall and are working on adapting a small space in a hallway into a Book Nook for all CS students. For those unfamiliar with a Buddy Bench, it is designed to help with inclusion on the playground. The idea is simple – if a child feels lonely, they can go to the bench as a signal that they need someone to play with. The goal is that another child will see them, go sit with them, and include them in their play.

2. Last Day Dismissal – 11am!

A reminder that dismissal tomorrow is at 11am. Case Campus will be a bit hectic with early dismissal, regular busses, and added cars and families attending end-of-the-year ceremonies at Country, Woodland, and Field schools. 3rd-grade families are invited to take part in the Clap out at 10:45.

3. CS Lost & Found

We will have Lost & Found items outside the front entrance of CS for families to access during Clap Out and dismissal. The items will remain outside until Friday, please find a moment to come by and pick up lost items. This included items with names on them!

4. Third Grade Events

-Clap Out!

Congratulations Third Graders!!! Third Grade Clap Out will take place on Tuesday, June 21st at 10:45am. The third graders will make their way through the school with the hallways lined with the Country School staff and student body cheering them on. They will continue onto the blacktop by the playground, where families will gather to clap and cheer for them. Parking will be tricky between early dismissal and the 5th-grade parade – please plan accordingly.

-3rd Grade Graduation Pool Party!

Please join 3rd-grade families at the Weston Memorial Pool (6 Alphabet Lane, Weston) following the Country School Graduation Clap Out on June 21st to celebrate our graduates! The pool opens at 11:30am. We will have a specific area reserved for 3rd graders and their families to mingle and enjoy pizza, drinks and popsicles. If you feel inclined to contribute money to the provided refreshments, please Venmo Erika McAuliffe @erika-mcauliffe and reference the 3rd-grade pool party.

5. Case house Gazette – Spring Concert Videos!

The final issue of the year’s “Case House Gazette” is out and features links to the CS Spring Concerts!  Click HERE for PreK, K, and 1st grade. Click HERE for the 2nd and 3rd-grade concert.

And that’s a wrap! 😎✌🏻👋🏻