The Transportation Department provides transportation services to all students in grades K-12. The Transportation Department also provides transportation to our Metco students. Weston Public Schools owns and operates its own fleet of 30 school buses to serve in-town, Metco, athletic and field trips. The district operates 16 diesel buses and 14 gasoline buses.

The district has developed a Transportation Handbook. The purpose of the handbook is to provide information about our school bus transportation system and to clarify expectations of employees and riders.

Weston Public School parents can download the Viafy Parent App that allows them to see where their bus is on the route and receive alerts about arrival.  At the start of each year, UbicaBus will send parents an email with your username and password. Please note that you cannot signup on your own; to ensure the security of student data, Viafy is invite only, for instructions please click here. If you have not received your invite, or have questions, the transportation office to request an account or seek assistance.

Open communication is critical to ensuring all standards are met. The Bus Concern Form is intended to facilitate the communication of transportation related concerns to school officials. Reports submitted here will be forwarded electronically to a predetermined list of school officials.

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Darlene Frappier

Transportation Coordinator

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Administrative Assistant

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Transportation Expectations

Appropriate student and staff behavior on school buses is especially important to ensure the safety of passengers, drivers, and other drivers. Behavior that jeopardizes safety will not be tolerated. Conduct that is not acceptable in school is not acceptable on busses.

Bus Driver/Bus Monitor Expectations:

  • Be courteous;
  • Set clear student behavior expectations for the bus;
  • Notify Principals of any behavioral issues that arise;
  • Maintain a safe driving record, current license, and all required training;
  • Abide by the laws of the road, including wearing seatbelts at all times;
  • Know the students on the bus by name;
  • Introduce yourself to the families of the students;
  • Pull off the road and/or stop to answer or use the bus hands-free phone;
  • Leave all personal electronic devices at the bus office;
  • Follow the assigned bus route unless a modification is approved by the Transportation Coordinator;
  • Maintain appropriate demeanor at all times, including appropriate language;
  • If a confrontation occurs, request the student/parent contact the Transportation Office for further discussion. Do not engage the individual;
  • Contact police in the event of an accident; and
  • In the case of an emergency, ensure all protocols are followed and student safety is prioritized.

Parent Expectations:

  • Have students at the bus stop 5 minutes prior to expected bus arrival time;
  • Remind students to stay at assigned bus stop until the bus has come to a complete stop, the door has been opened, and the driver motions to the student to board;
  • Introduce yourself to your bus driver;
  • If appropriate and comfortable, discuss any medical issues regarding your child (i.e. EpiPen use, etc.) with the driver;
  • Discuss appropriate bus behavior with your child;
  • Never ‘chase’ the bus either on foot or by car;
  • Yield to a school bus;
  • Never pass a bus when the red stop sign is visible and/or the yellow flashing lights are on;
  • Abide by the Do Not Enter and / or Bus Only signs at the schools;
  • Contact the Transportation Coordinator or complete the on-line Bus Complaint Form to communicate concerns to the Transportation Office;
  • Do not confront the driver or distract driver from the completion of their route;
  • Do not board the bus for any reason;
  • Avoid gift giving to the drivers/monitors; and
  • Browse lost and found at the Transportation Office if missing items.