Team Chair, School Psychologist:Stephanie Rosenblum  (x 5546)

School Psychologist: Maddy Steinberg  (x 5521)

Adjustment Counselor: Cecelia Tatem-Small   (x5520)

Special Ed. Aide:


Special Education Teachers:

Afsoon Ashar (x 5536)

Jen Lynch, ACCESS  (x 5542)

Amanda Baker, 4th grade LBC (x 5578)

Elizabeth Childress  (x 5552)

Liz Smith, 5th grade LBC  (x 5568)


Related Services:

Speech and Language Pathologist:  Cheryl Garzoglio   (x 5570)

Occupational Therapist:  Julie Gianotti  (x 5339)

Physical Therapist: Heather Spicer (x 5361)

ELL – Maria Morong – X5392ELL

Reading & Writing: English & Language Arts Specialist: Katharine Odell – 781-786-5473

Additional information related to Special Education can be found on the Student Services page:

WPS Student Services