Jack-o-Lantern Contest Information!

We hope the word is out now about our exciting Halloween Parade on October 31st from 12-2pm (Please drive through the parade at your designated time slot and use the previous cohort you were assigned to before school resumes daily on October 20th) Field School: 12:00pm Cohort A / 12:15pm Cohort B.

Here are some additional details about the fun jack-o-lantern contest the sophomore class is sponsoring to accompany the parade. And… two other exciting things they are planning during the parade and afterwards.  First, here is the information about the jack-o-lanterns:

  • All carved or painted pumpkins must be able to stand without support or backdrop needed.
  • Give your pumpkin a theme. Here are some examples, but feel free to be as creative as you’d like:

Halloween – witches, vampires, zombies, haunted houses, silly monsters, folktales/legends

STEM – Space exploration, a science discovery/scientist, geometric shapes

Pop Culture – Star Wars, Disney

Current Events – CDC guidelines, presidential candidates, etc.

– Pumpkins must be appropriate and family friendly.

How to Participate

  • Participation Form – please complete this online form: Jack-o-Lantern Form
  • Please complete the form by Friday, October 23, so that we can plan for pumpkin display along the parade route.
  • If you don’t want to be in the contest and still want to drop off a jack-o-lantern, that is great too! The more jack-o-lanterns, the more festive the parade route will be!
  • The only way to receive a participation/award certificate will be to complete the form and include your email address.
  • Write your last name in permanent marker at the base of your pumpkin.
  • Delivery – Drop your jack-o-lantern off at the beginning of the parade route on Alphabet Lane on Saturday, October 31st, from 8am – 10am.
  • Placement – Place your pumpkin in the appropriate category area. Group 1= Halloween  Group 2= STEM Group 3= Pop Culture 4= Current Events
  • Photos of participants and their pumpkins may be taken during pumpkin drop-off.
  • Pumpkin volunteers will be masked to assist deliveries. All entrants must wear masks when delivering their pumpkins. Please practice social distancing!!


  • A panel of Sophomore Judges will pick winners in each Group Category. Winners will be chosen and certificates presented in each Group Category (Halloween, STEM, Pop Culture, Current Events) for:
    • Creativity/ Originality
    • Visual Impact/ Wow Factor
    • School with the most participants
  • Organizers may add a “Community’s Favorite” category where the school community (not the “Sophomore Judges”) pick their favorite pumpkin from among all entries.
  • Even if you participate and don’t win a certain category, you will still be emailed a participation certificate for your efforts!
  • Participants and pumpkin winners will be emailed their award certificate only if you complete the google form and submit your email address.
  • Please have a good time with this contest and know that it’s just meant to be fun!!!

Pumpkin Pickup

  • All pumpkins must be picked up on Sunday, November 1st. You must wear your mask when picking up your pumpkin.
  • DO NOT under any circumstances pick up your pumpkin during the parade!! Everyone MUST remain inside their vehicles to ensure that we are complying with the Board of Health and CDC guidelines. Thank you!
  • After 3 pm on Sunday, November 1, remaining pumpkins will be composted or baked!!

**** If you’re wondering what do with your pumpkin after you pick it up, Mirela Marku will do a pumpkin bake with all participants on Sunday (11/1) at 2:00pm. She will provide a Zoom link and recipe as the date gets closer. What a fun way to ensure no pumpkins go to waste!

IN ADDITION TO THIS GREAT CONTEST, Please be on the lookout for GHOSTS during the Parade!!! Many sophomores will be dressed up as ghosts during the parade and there will be ghost drawings by sophomore artists located throughout the parade.  Please count how many ghosts you see during the parade and email your answer to 2023weston@gmail.com.  If you guess correctly, you could win a prize!!!!

HAPPY PUMPKIN CARVING!!!!!! ****Please remember To donate to the amazing sophomore class for all of their efforts in making this parade possible. Please click on this link: Class of 2023 Halloween Parade. All donations are welcome and appreciated!!