Field School Sunflower Project

Field School Sunflower Project 

Have you heard the exciting news?? Field School will be planting its very own garden this spring! A Huge Shout-Out to WEEFC for enabling that to happen!! Students at school this year will be helping to plant the first seeds.


Here on the Field School PTO, we thought it would be extra special if we could all, metaphorically, have a little piece of that garden in our own gardens at home.  That way, even when we are not at school, and the summertime comes, we can look upon our own gardens and remember the happy and hopeful feelings we had while at Field School (Or while learning remotely with a fabulous Field School teacher).  Since sunflowers symbolize adoration and hope, we thought that would be the perfect plant for everyone to grow!


While Field School students will be planting sunflowers (among other plants) in the garden at school, we would love to have all Field School families and teachers/staff plant a sunflower or two in their own gardens at home this spring (or they could be planted in a pot on the deck/patio if you don’t have a garden). This way, wherever we go, when we see the beautiful sunflowers growing, we will remember not only this unique year. But, we will also remember how we grew, persevered, and came together as one beautiful Field School community.


We can also remember that while we will not always be together in one spot (like the sunflowers in the garden at school), everything that we have learned during our time at Field will enable us to stand strong and grow anywhere!!!  We will all go forth after this year with our faces held up to the sun, like the sunflower. And, when it’s cloudy and gray, we will face each other (like the sunflower) and share our energy!!


With these goals in mind, we will be putting together individual sunflower seed envelopes for each child at Field School to take home and plant.  We hope to distribute these envelopes to the teachers to give to children before April vacation (We will leave RLA families their envelopes in a safe place at school to be picked up at your convenience). We will keep everyone posted on the exact timeline of distribution.  Sunflower seeds should be planted in the spring (April/May) after any threat of a frost, so we will ensure everyone has their seeds during that time-period.


We have also been in contact with PTO’s Green Team (the wonderful Heather Borden and Angela Rostami), and they wanted to let everyone know some important information about sunflowers.  In addition to bringing hope and joy, sunflowers have added benefits to the environment and our surroundings! The yellow petals called rays resemble the sunshine and the tall, colorful presence of the sunflower attracts pollinators of all kinds. For example, they attract bumble bees and butterflies and are an excellent food source for butterfly caterpillars. Establishing pollinator habitats in your own garden is a wonderful way to help create biodiversity, something we can all do to help our Earth thrive!


I believe this is truly a win-win for boosting our spirits and keeping our Earth well-cared for too! Lastly, I wanted to let everyone know that we have ordered sunflower seeds that will produce sunflowers in different brilliant colors with a variety of petal lengths.  Again, I believe this is another symbolism showcasing how we are all unique and lovely in our own right, and our diversity is what brings true beauty and interest to the world. When we can all grow side-by-side, while appreciating our own unique attributes, our world will be sunnier and brighter.


We are very excited to begin this special project with you all, and it will be amazing to see all the beautiful sunflowers growing around Massachusetts this summer! We sure have had a one-of-a-kind year, but we are all pretty one-of-a-kind ourselves!!! We also hope that you will continue to plant a sunflower in your gardens long after our days at Field School come to an end.  We will remember all of you, and we hope you will remember us too. 😊

Much Hope and Kindness to you ALL,

Jennie Glass and Gillian Fachner

Field School PTO Co-Chairs