FS PTO Update

Fifth Grade Celebration Day Updates

Dear Fifth Grade Field School Families,

We are writing today to update you on some exciting news pertaining to Fifth Grade Celebration Day, the Fifth Grade Video and Yearbook, as well as the Fifth Grade Time Capsule and year-end gift.

Without further ado…..  I just received the final approval today for a FABULOUS FIELD SCHOOL DRIVE-IN MOVIE NIGHT EXTRAVAGANZA!!!!


Please mark your calendar for Saturday, June 12th at 8:00PM (with a rain date of Wednesday, June 16th) to join us for an outdoor movie under the stars (in our cars) in the Weston High School Parking lot. 


We will provide you with loads of additional details in the coming weeks (after April vacation).  Right now, we just wanted to let you know that this extremely sentimental milestone in our children’s lives will be celebrated in a special and safe way.  I have obtained the Board of Health’s approval, Dr. Green and Principal Peri’s enthusiastic approval, as well as Superintendent Connolly’s approval for the celebration.  We are so happy that we can do something that will unite all our fifth graders (both in-person and remote) in a safe and fun way!! Dr. Green will also be in touch in the coming weeks to talk about the year-end parade which we would love to continue.

We’re also excited that our amazing video volunteer, Csilla Ilkei, is currently brainstorming ways that we might showcase some of the Fifth Grade Video during this exciting evening on the big screen.  We will keep you posted on that as well.

Speaking of the video, Csilla has been so busy in the midst of this crazy time sorting through thousands of photos to create a special keepsake for our children to enjoy.  I personally will be giving her a great big hug (when it’s safe to do so) for all of her work on this immense project.  PLEASE, if you haven’t sent in your photos yet, or, if you have a few outstanding pictures to submit, kindly do that by the end of April vacation.  IF you are unsure which photos you are missing, your fabulous room parents have the list and have been reaching out.  Thank you room parents and thank you everyone for submitting photos!!!

Gillian and I (strong emphasis on Gillian 😊) have also been working on creating a yearbook for an additional special keepsake for your children.  We are using many of the kindness photos you submitted already. I was able to take a few group outdoor photos of your children the other day to include in the yearbook, and we have reached out to RLA room parents to get a screenshot of students working remotely.  We will be in touch after the break with a question we’d like each student to answer to include in the yearbook. And, in May, we will give you all the ordering information.  Books should be delivered towards the last week of school.

Lastly, Shelly Kohler and Margo Flint have been hard at work researching memorable fifth grade year-end gifts!  They will also be getting in touch with you soon to complete a Fifth Grade Time Capsule form and give you all the details on that fun memory.

We hope these updates were as exciting for you as it was for me getting the final approval for the drive-in movie event this morning. 😊 Again, we will reach out with many more additional details in the coming weeks.

Have a terrific, healthy, and rejuvenating April vacation week ahead!!

Kind regards,

Jennie Glass and Gillian Fachner

Your Friendly PTO Co-Chairs