Final Note From the FS PTO Chairs

Farewell Fabulous Field School Families,

We hope you are all doing well and have been enjoying our final week in school!

Just a few quick notes to Fifth Grade Families

  1. Yearbooks will be distributed on Friday. If for any reason your child isn’t in school that day, Sandi will hold your book at the front desk. Thank you again to Gillian for creating this wonderful and beautiful memory book!! I know everyone will love it!
  2. To anyone who was not able to attend the drive-in movie on June 12th, remaining celebration gifts were left at the front desk with Sandi. Children will be given their gifts to take home on Wednesday.  If your child still needs his/hers, please pick up your gift at your convenience at the front office.
  3. The Fifth Grade Clap-out will begin at 10am on Friday. There will be clappers and bells provided by the PTO in a box by the front door. Dr. Green emailed family’s additional details about the event and parking information last night.  Families are welcome along the route at 9:45am. RLA students are to be at school at 9:30am.
  4. The Fifth Grade Celebration Video will be emailed to all Fifth-Grade families by Dr. Green on Friday. Thank you Csilla Ilkei – you are beyond Fabulous!!! WARNING: This video will make you cry! It is so touching and sentimental!! 😊

To all Fourth-Grade families – you have lots of excitement to look forward to next year!! 😊 I wish you all the best!!! Also, Dr. Green said that fourth graders will have an extended recess/fun afternoon on Thursday with popsicles and play time.  He will be in touch with RLA teachers/families about a scheduled time to attend too. This will be similar to what all K-3rd classes are doing at Woodland/Country. In addition, a video was shown yesterday to all fourth graders introducing them to the wonderful fifth grade teaching team.

For a final look at the events from this year, please click here: Field School PTO Events 2020-2021   I added in a few other photos from this past week in school. I will continue to add photos this week if you want to check back.

Best wishes to you all……

Jennie Glass and Gillian Fachner

Your Pandemic PTO Co-Chairs