Field School Back-to-School Night 5:30pm

Field School’s Back-to-School Night is Wednesday, September 27th from 5:30 to 7:30pm. Dr. Green will share more details via email. Please note – this event is for fourth and fifth grade parents and guardians, not students.

Field School Back-to-School Night Schedule:

5:30 PM: Specialist staff, student services instructors, academic coaches, and the METCO Academic Liaison are available for drop-in visits in the cafeteria until 6:30 PM.


  1. Liz Heichelbech (Instructional Coach)/Tracy Manousaridis (K-5 Math Coordinator)

  2. Hannah Bowes (Nurse)/Cecilia Small (School Counselor)

  3. Stephanie Rosenblum/ Afsoon Afshar/ Jen Lynch/Kate Rodger/ Laura McMann (Special Education Team)

  4. Maria Morong (ELL)/ Theresa Dryden (METCO Director and Field Liaison)

  5. Specials Table – Jake Ginga (Art)/ Kimberlee Kasanov (Spanish)/Bryan Pollock  (Music)/Hannah Cote(Music)/Kristin Cieri (PE)/Lisa Nardone (Music)/Colleen MacDonald(Music)

6:00 – 6:30:  5th Grade Classroom Presentations in Classrooms

6:35 – 6:55  Dr. Green Presentation to 4th and 5th Grade Parents in Gym

7:05 – 7:35   4th Grade Classroom Presentations in Classrooms