These clubs will be meeting during the 2022-2023 school year.

Clubs meet after school 2:20pm-3:15pm

Monday:  Grade 5 Chorus and Grade 4 Intermediate Orchestra, Clay Club (art room)

Tuesday: Grade 5 Band, Grade 5 Orchestra and Grade 4 Sports, Painting Club (art room)

Wednesday: Grade 4 Band, Grade 5 Sports, Drawing Club, Math Club, WeDo Coding

Thursday:  Grade 4 Chorus, Grade 4 Band

Staff Contact Information:

Grade 5 Chorus: Hannah Tight

Grade 4 Chorus: Hannah Tight

Band: Lisa Nardone

Orchestra: Colleen MacDonald

Art: Jacob Ginga

Math Club: Tracy Manousaridis

Sports:  Shira Catlin

Activity Start Date Location Advisor
4th Grade Band 10/19 and


PM/Cafeteria Lisa Nardone
5th Grade Band 9/20 PM/Cafeteria Lisa Nardone
4th Grade Orchestra 9/19 PM/Cafeteria Colleen MacDonald
5th Grade Orchestra 9/20 PM/Music Room Colleen MacDonald
4th Grade Chorus 9/22 PM/Music Room Hannah Tight
5th Grade Chorus 10/3 PM/Music Room Hannah Tight
4th Grade Sports 10/18 PM/Gym Shira Catlin
5th Grade Sports 10/19 PM/Gym Shira Catlin
WeDo Coding TBD Field Innovation Center Alfredo Quezada
Painting Club Click here for Sign Up Link 10/4 Tuesdays /Art Room Jake Ginga
Clay Club

Sign up starts: 11/10

12/5 Mondays

[Art Room

Jake Ginga
Drawing Club

Sign up starts: 2/5

3/8 Wednesdays

/Art Room

Jake Ginga
Math Club click here for sign up form 11/10 5/Library Tracy Manousaridis
Grand Conversations Book Club

Grand Conversations:

Lions and Liars

11/9 Emma Kwon and Maria


Green Leadership Team TBD TBD Alfredo Quezada
Field Innovation Center TBD TBD Alfredo Quezada