Weston High School offers its students a comprehensive and diversified program.  Academic courses range from basic to advanced levels.  Honors courses are offered in mathematics, world history, foreign languages, and science, while specific Advanced Placement subjects include art, biology, calculus, computer science, English, French, Spanish, European and U.S. History, and physics.

Students must take at least five “majors” each semester and may include courses in the fine and applied arts, business, and home economics.  The high school also has a highly successful community service program in which students participate.  Specialists in the Skills Center and Guidance Department provide a broad range of tutoring, personal counseling, and college placement services. Most students participate in after-school activities, with athletics, theater, music, art, and publications being the most popular.  Among the special facilities available to students are a library with more than 20,000 books, videos and audio tapes, and extensive on-line database; four networked computer laboratories; a modern  world language laboratory; a recorded books library; choral and instrument rooms; a dance studio; and a physical fitness and weight room.  An indoor swimming pool and a synthetic surface track are among Weston’s fine athletic facilities.

Performance Reports

The Mission of the School Improvement Plan is to educate, equip, and inspire all students to achieve their full potential and enrich their communities. Click below to view.

WHS School Improvement Plan 2022-2025

DESE School & District Report Cards

Student Progress and Participation Report 2021

We are pleased to share annual district and school based report cards published by the Massachusetts Department of Elementary & Secondary Education as required by the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA).  The report cards contain information about school and district accountability, achievement, our students and teachers, and other important measures of school performance.  Click on the link to read the complete report cards for  Weston High School.

Mission Statement

The mission of Weston High School is to challenge all students to excellence, to promote a climate of respect and support, and to encourage and to facilitate the growth, abilities, and talents of students, so that they will live healthy lives characterized by reflection, responsibility, wonder, daring, and enthusiasm for life-long learning.

Student Expectations

Think Critically

  • Interpret information accurately
  • Propose theories, which are based on fact
  • React to opinions with facts
  • Make connections
  • Evaluate sources of information
  • Make sound decisions

Communicate Effectively

  • Respond in writing to assignments and assessments clearly, cohesively, and completely
  • Express ideas cogently when speaking
  • Understand and apply verbal and non-verbal communication and self expression
  • Demonstrate skill in listening
  • Utilize technology when appropriate

Respect Themselves & School Community

  • Act truthfully, honorably, and assertively
  • Maintain academic, emotional, and physical well- being
  • Show care and concern for people and property for the common good
  • Treat others with courtesy, fairness, and acceptance

Act Responsibly

  • Behave to ensure the safety of themselves and others
  • Obey laws, rules, and regulations for the school and for the community
  • Fulfill commitments and obligations honestly and expeditiously

Work Collaboratively

  • Share ideas and opinions
  • Accept differences and strengths
  • Participate in the give and take of decision-making
  • Value being a member of a group

Use Current Technologies

  • Know how and when to use technological tools
  • Access and utilize computer software appropriately
  • Demonstrate ability to navigate the complexity of the Internet

Maintain a Global Perspective

  • Be aware of issues that transcend geographic and political boundaries
  • Recognize effects and consequences of global technology
  • See effect of American culture on other societies
  • Respect diversity in life
  • Realize how the planet itself impacts life and lifestyles

Contribute Positively

  • Be involved in the life of the school
  • Participate in activities to benefit others
  • Share awareness of others’ needs

Accept Challenges

  • Try new approaches
  • Reach beyond known capabilities
  • Risk failure
  • Dare to be self-directed

Value Learning

  • Do assignments on time and with care
  • Attend classes
  • Ask questions
  • Be curious
  • Apply knowledge

Strive for Excellence

  • Set personal goals
  • Work for continuous improvement
  • Heed suggestions
  • Search out enrichment

Discover Joy

  • Be creative
  • Give positive feedback
  • Enjoy the opportunities for learning and personal growth
  • Appreciate/value the good/quality work of self and others