April Science Symposium

Honors students completed an IRP (Individual Research Project) where they designed and carried out their own experiment on a topic that was of interest to them. CP Students completed a Design Challenge where they worked in small groups to design a container to indirectly water plants and optimize their growth over time. Their results were on display in the cafeteria where they were able to present and discuss their work.

CP Biology Students (mostly 10th graders, a few 9th and 11th graders), will be attended the CP Design Challenge “Conference on Science”  in the Science Atrium.  They have been very busy working on their various projects (engineering design of an indirectly watered container for Plant X, and their discoveries from this experiment)   This is the first phase of a 2 phase project – their next task is to take what they have learned from their fellow scientists and re-design their container to optimize the growth of the mystery plant.  Its a TON of work, but its also great to see them actively working on their problem solving skills in a real-life scenario. They will next be redesigning their experiment and present their final findings at the science symposium night in April.