Statement ready by Mrs. Danielle Black, School Committee Chair

School Committee meeting of January 9, 2017

We know there is interest among parents and community members for additional information regarding why Dr. Tremblay will be leaving the Weston Public Schools on June 30, 2017. As this is a personnel matter, further details will not be forthcoming. The only thing we will add to our previously released statement is that the administrator’s work within the Weston Public Schools is quite nuanced.  It is best for both the district and the Superintendent when the pairing of skill set and district needs are best matched.

The Weston School Committee enjoys a positive and professional working relationship with Dr. Tremblay. Dr. Tremblay remains committed to achieving the district goals established earlier in the academic year.  Jointly, we are focused on providing an enriching, creative, and supportive year for our students.

The members of the Weston School Committee know that there are questions regarding next steps. We continue to work out an agreement with Dr. Tremblay. Accordingly, it would be premature to discuss publicly any thoughts regarding future decisions. Additional information will be released when appropriate.