WHS Math Team Succeeds in Purple Comet Meet


Please join us in congratulating the math team on a successful Purple Comet Math Meet!


Team “Believe in Steve” answered 22 of 30 problems correctly and placed 16th in the country and 4th in the state in their division (high schools with fewer than 1200 students). This team consisted of Kenz K., Steven W., Zixuan H., Jackie A., Jeff L., and Joanne L.


Team “Big Eight” answered 17 of 30 problems correctly and placed 34th in the country and 6th in the state in that same division. Team members were freshmen Josh L., Andrew Y., Ezra G., Adi S., David H., and Albert W.


Finally, “Gorrabit”, a team composed of 7th through 9th graders from both the middle and high schools, solved 13 of the problems correctly, placing 30th in the country and 1st in Massachusetts among teams composed of students from more than one school. Team members were Ben C., Neil M., and Bryant Z. from the middle school and John L., Ben G., and Ezra O. from the high school.