Important Announcement Regarding Communications

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Weston Public School Community:

Our westonGrapevine communications system is experiencing difficulties and we will be suspending its use while we prepare the next iteration.  This message will be sent via multiple systems (including westonGrapevine) to ensure the message gets out.

Email communications will continue to flow from our student information system (Infinite Campus) as needed.  Here is what you need to know:

Email will be sent to both parent/guardians until the next iteration of westonGrapevine is ready.
No action required as long as your communication information within Infinite Campus is up to date.
Please rest assured we will keep you informed as changes are made.

Anticipated Questions:

How would I know if the Infinite Campus student information system has the right email address?  You can login to the parent portal ( ) to check on what email address is listed for each of your students.  Infinite Campus is used to update westonGrapevine each year.  Therefore, unless you had manually signed up for westonGrapevine, it is highly likely the information is correct (or you wouldn’t be receiving this message).

What should I do if I can’t get into the parent portal?  Please contact Nick Blank ( ) to reset your account.

I am not a parent/guardian of a current WPS student but would still like to keep informed, what should I do?  We would be happy to keep you in the loop!  Please complete this email list request form.

Does this mean I will no longer get a daily summary message?  We will send out one email with news in the early afternoon as needed.  Last minute updates/changes will be sent as needed anytime.

Does this mean I will no longer get a weekly summary message?  The weekly summary is no longer an option.

If I have children in more than one school will I get multiple messages?  Yes.  That was a customized function of westonGrapevine that will not be possible in the near term.

Was westonGrapevine our emergency communications tool?  No. Any emergency communications will be delivered via a “Weston Alert” system capable of calling, emailing, and texting.  It is an independent system that synchronizes with our Infinite Campus student contact information.  It is therefore very important that your contact information, including emergency phone, email, and text message details are up to date in Infinite Campus.

Note of thanks:  We would like to thank Jonathan and Wendy Spector for the many hours of volunteer time it took to create westonGrapevine and the innovative thinking they brought to the tool. We successfully used the system they created to distribute over 10 million messages—as much as 240,000 messages a month during the school year—over the last 6 years.