Attendance Policy Reminder

Just a friendly reminder that your students need to sign out in the Attendance Office with permission from home prior to leaving the building. Please see our Attendance Policy here.

 “Tardy to School All students arriving to school tardy must verify that their parent/guardian is aware of their tardiness (excused or unexcused) by a phone call or note from said parent/ guardian before 10:00 a.m. that day. Any student who does not have a first period class may arrive to school anytime prior to their first scheduled class that day without needing a note or phone call. Any Student arriving after the start of the school day, for any reason, are expected to sign in at the attendance office immediately upon arrival to school. Please note: Study halls are considered a scheduled class and students are expected to attend. Students who have unexcused tardies will not be given credit for work missed. Consequences will be applied as per the Code of Conduct Section of this handbook. Excessive tardiness: 1st Offense: 1 hour detention at third tardy (of the quarter) For every additional tardy: 1 hour detention The same circumstances listed on page 16 above, as approved for excusing an absence, constitute an excused tardy.

* *Notes may be required upon request of Administration Dismissals/LEAVING SCHOOL GROUNDS With the exception of juniors and seniors, who have open campus privileges, students are not to leave school grounds during the school day unless dismissed through the Attendance Office. Students must have a parental phone call or note presented before 10:00 am to the Attendance Office, and the student must sign the Dismissal Register at the Attendance Office in order to receive permission to leave the building for reasons unrelated to school programs. (Please see the Code of Conduct for specific consequence for leaving school grounds without authorization).”

 It’s on page 19 in the handbook.