Host Families Needed!

Host families needed!

We are putting forth a request to all middle and high school families to consider hosting Pierre Di Blasi , our French exchange student from Rombas France. The Rombas exchange program is the oldest French exchange program in the country, having served both the Rombas and Weston communities since 1955.

 We are still looking for a quarter 4 host family for our French exchange student Pierre DiBlasi. Pierre is 17 years old, speaks and understands English quite well, and is very good-natured and bright. Please consider opening your home to Pierre and this wonderful experience. Earn a friend in France for life!

Host families typically take the student for a quarter of the academic year (approximately two months) and simply provide room and board (lunch during school days is covered by the district). We simply ask that you treat the student like your own, with no expectation of special treatment or entertainment (e.g. a trip to NYC); a true immersive environment is what’s typical.

Please consider hosting Pierre and contributing to Weston’s Global Ed program.

Contact Cort Mathers for more information.