Day of Silence on May 3

Dear Parents and Guardians,

The High School will be participating in a student-led, Day of Silence tomorrow. Thursday, May 3rd.  Many of our students have elected to participate in this day, which has been a national event since 1996.  This year the national event officially was on April 27th, but with busy end-of-year schedules, we opted for this alternative date in coordination with faculty.  The purpose of participating in this day is to spread awareness about the effects of homophobic bullying and harassment by symbolizing the silencing of LGBTQ+ students.

Students who elect to participate take a vow of silence for the day.  To participate in the day, students have three choices:


  1. Go about their day respectfully, speaking as usual.
  2. Approach the GSA table in our cafeteria and get a badge that reads “Day of Silence Supporter.”  Then go about their day respectfully, speaking as usual.
  3. Approach the GSA table and take a lanyard that reads “I’m staying silent.” Students will wear the lanyard and choose to remain silent for the school day.

Silence begins after homeroom and ends at 2:50.

For more information:

We want you to be aware of this day, so you may discuss the event with your child should you choose.



Anthony Parker                       Paula Gearan                                       WHS Gay Straight Alliance

Principal                                  GSA Faculty Advisor