Sophomore MCAS Schedule for 3/27

ELA MCAS- Sophomores        

Wednesday, March 27, 2019   Day 5

Wednesday’s schedule is the same as Tuesday’s, except that it is Day 5

8:40 – 11:15 SOPHOMORE MCAS

(2-hour delay) – Class meet for 43 minutes (Blocks 1 & 3 switch)

10:45-12:05         rd Block (Lunch Block)  – G3


1st LUNCH        10:45-11:15    ALL 9, 11 & 12TH grade classes that normally

go to 1st or 2nd Lunch for block G3 will go to first lunch.           Class Block 11:20-12:05

2nd LUNCH        11:11-11:41     THIS LUNCH IS only FOR 10th graders who

have completed MCAS testing.   They will remain in the cafeteria until block A4 (12:08pm)  

3rd LUNCH      11:35-12:05 -9th, 11th, 12th grade classes that normally have

3rd lunch for G3         Class Block 10:45-11:30

-In addition, sophomores who are still testing will attend 3rd lunch.

12:08-12:51 2nd Block  – A4


12:56-1:39    1st Block  – B3

1:44-2:27          4th Block  – E3

2:32-3:15              th Block  – D3