kim young

Kim Young. Photograph by Rebecca Hale, National Geographic

Each year, the National Geographic Society selects outstanding individuals to serve as Education Fellows who have demonstrated leadership and excellence in the education space.

Kim Young is a longtime public school social studies educator who is passionate about cultivating her students’ identities as explorers and global citizens. She draws most of her inspiration for classroom activities from firsthand experiences in the field.

Young’s current focus on creating interdisciplinary, environmentally focused curricula started as a result of her experiences in Arctic Svalbard as a 2017 National Geographic and Lindblad Expeditions Grosvenor Teacher Fellow and in Alaska as part of a 2018 PolarTREC expedition. When she can’t get into the field, Young  experiments with best practices related to virtual reality technology integration, and has organized a week-long takeover at her school by the Intel Tech Learning Lab.

As a 2019 National Geographic Explorer, Young has been working to scale curricular innovation around the teaching of migration and student activism through design thinking.