Two WHS Students are Chemistry Olympiad Finalists

Dear Colleagues and Parents,

I write you with good chemistry news!  In spite of our absence from physical school, chemistry education and competition continues.
Weston’s team of our top five intrepid chemistry students (Robert Mosher, Carter Sullivan, Albert Wu, Ezra Gordon, and Andrew Yao) qualified, prepared, and took the local exam for the chemistry olympiad.  Unlike in typical years, our team took the exam from home this past Sunday 4/19/20 afternoon.
Furthermore, I am delighted to announce that Weston High got two finalists (the most allowed from any school), scoring among the top thousand students in the country:  Andrew Yao and Ezra Gordon.
Andrew and Ezra will go on to the second level (nationals part 1) this weekend online, called the “USNCO” (United States National Chemistry Olympiad part 1).
Please join me in congratulating our entire team for this  achievement and bright spot in what can be difficult times for all of us.
 Leah Gordon
WHS Chemistry Teacher