Letter to Juniors From Guidance Department

Dear Juniors,

We understand that the current situation with COVID-19 is heavily disrupting the college search and application process. Between postponed testing, cancelled college visits, and school from home, you may be feeling like there is an additional level of stress added to the college process for you. We want to remind you that the guidance department is still available to support you during this time, especially as you continue with your search for post-secondary options. Feel free to set up a meeting with your counselor or with one of our interns Ms. O’Brien and Ms. Kelly! They would be happy to help with things like school research, mock interviews, and essay critiquing, as well as any questions you may have about the college application process.

We have created a Google Doc with resources specific to helping Juniors during the college search process. It will continue to be updated as we hear about additional virtual events and resources. Please note that these events are for general information and not specific colleges! For schools you are interested in, check out their websites to find more information about what resources that school is offering virtually in their admissions process.

Post Grad Virtual Resources

WHS Guidance Department