WPS Chromebook & iPad Return

June 10, 2020

Dear Parent/Guardian,

If your student has a Weston Public School Chromebook or iPad, please see the following information regarding its return and/or continued use for the summer.

We are collecting devices from the following groups:

  1. Any student/family not intending to be enrolled in Weston Public School for the 2020-2021 school year.
  2. Grade 5 students
  3. Grade 8 students
  4. Any student/family that have not needed and used the device this spring

If you align within these groups, please see these guidelines and scheduled dates for the return of school-owned devices.

Exceptions:  If your student (regardless of the groups listed above) will be participating in academic pursuits this summer and would like to keep the device checked out, please complete this checkout form.

Systems change for content filtering:  We will be implementing a new content filter and anti-malware/phishing system in the next couple of weeks. This system will be applied to Weston owned devices and student accounts–even at home. This content filtering system may block sites that do not need to be blocked or vice versa, and we will need your feedback to ensure the system is adjusted appropriately.

Please note these goals of our Internet content filtering:

  1. The goal is to block inappropriate content with some adjustments by grade level. This is done via industry-standard content categories and then manually adjusted for exceptions/additions.
  2. It is also our intent to block non-educational games. These devices are purchased and provided as tools to support academic pursuits; this does not include games with no clear academic benefit or those that may conflict with our curriculum.

No filter is perfect. If after this implementation is completed (by the end of next week) you feel the filter is not working as outlined above, please contact me.

Chromebook Purchase Advice: We are anticipating the need for every student to have a device again in September. To this end, we have had inquires about student devices. We cannot recommend any brand over another, but I can tell you what we are purchasing for devices:

  1. Grades K-1 will remain on iPads.
  2. Grade 2 through 8. We purchase Lenovo 100e Chromebooks and strongly considered Lenovo 300e and 500e Chromebooks for their additional touch screen and stylus functionality.
  3. High school students can use the device of their choice–Chromebook, Apple Macbook series, or Windows 10 laptop. We do recommend a 12 to 14-inch screen size for high school students (however, nothing larger will comfortably fit on classroom desks along with textbooks or other materials).

We appreciate your assistance in maintaining viable resources for our students. If you have and are keeping WPS device(s) over the summer, please charge them from time to time (but do not have them on charge the entire summer).

I hope you have a great summer.


Thank you for your support,

Dr. Lee McCanne

Director of Technology and School Libraries

Weston Public Schools and the Town of Weston