WHS Student Council Fundraiser

Dear Weston Community,

In solidarity with the black community, Weston High School Student Council began a fundraiser through our individual Instagram accounts, with our target audience being the students of Weston High School. The Student Council is made up of 25 representatives and officers, all from different grades, coming from different microcosms within the student body. The uniting factor is that we were all elected by our peers to carry the responsibility of representing and advocating for each and every member of our community. To this end, it was integral that we took a clear stand against racial injustice on all levels. This includes the large systemic battles that Black Americans and their allies are continually fighting, but also the more individual-level instances that some may call covert, but still prevail in our community and are incredibly damaging. 

While there are many ways to stand against injustice, the student council recognizes that for multiple reasons, some families may not feel comfortable participating in large public protests, but want to be part of the change. For that reason, we began collecting funds for these worthwhile organizations:

  • NAACP’s Legal Defence and Educational Fund

  • Campaign Zero

We are extremely proud of the support from our student body as they have donated $1,800 to these organizations to date. We would love to broaden our fundraiser to the rest of the Weston community, as well as add a third organization to this endeavor:

  • Boston Black Hospitality Coalition 

This organization began as a way to help black-owned restaurants in Boston survive the economic impact of the coronavirus. They are dedicated to supporting these important neighborhood institutions, and work to supply them with the resources they need to come out of this crisis as strong pillars of their communities. 

All new donations will be split between the three organizations, all doing powerful work towards a more equitable America. The Student Council would be extremely grateful for any donation amount you can make during this critical time in our history.

Please make your donations to @westonpublicschools Venmo account and tag with BLM so the funds are allocated properly.

Thank you.
Weston High School Student Council