WHS 10 Day Hybrid Schedule Guide

Simple to use guide of the WHS 10-day Hybrid Schedule 

Highlights of the Hybrid Schedule:

  • 10-day rotation (two 5-day rotations matched to calendar days). Note that the rotation day may change in shortened weeks (see the table matching calendar days to rotation days for changes in sequence).
  • Two cohorts in the hybrid model, Bobcat and Lynx, with Bobcat in person on Monday/Thursday and Lynx in person on Tuesday/Friday — matches cohort assignments district wide.
  • In-school classes are held in the morning, after which students return home to work on homework. They do not attend remote classes in the afternoon. There are remote classes in the afternoon with the cohort NOT seen in the morning. Attendance is taken in both morning and afternoon classes.
  • Teachers will provide students information about the use of the morning blocks on days that students are remote.
  • Wednesday is remote in either model, with cohorts combined in the class block.
  • The Remote Learning Academy schedule of blocks will follow that of the Hybrid schedule for the high school, since RLA students may be joining some in-school classes remotely.

What’s changed and what hasn’t?

  • All 5-block academic courses meet every time the block meets; non-academic electives meet 4 blocks per cycle, Health 2 blocks per cycle, etc. (same).
  • There’s a 10-day cycle with 4 periods per day (different) for a total of 40 blocks in the rotation (same). One cohort attends those 4 periods in the morning while the other meets remotely in the afternoon (different).
  • Classes meet at the same time on consecutive days in the rotation (different).
  • Wednesdays include Advisory every week and Activity Blocks every week as well (different). However, different activities may meet in “Activity 1” and “Activity 2” blocks on alternating weeks.
  • Teachers are available for weekly office hours (same) but these will be via zoom on remote Wednesdays either before school or after school (different). Please check with your teachers to see which time slot they are using for office hours. It’s also good to let them know you’re going!

Everything feels different these days, and the daily schedule is no exception. It’s hard to get used to. With time, it will feel as old hat as that impossible-to-memorize 8-day rotation did!

The schedule below can be downloaded and printed.

Download (PDF, 69KB)

Download (PDF, 48KB)