Information for Seniors From the Guidance Department

Important Information for Seniors

This week is a big week for seniors and their families to get the information they need for applying to college.
  • On Monday 9/21, counselors will post informational videos with both general information about the application process and the specifics you need to begin submitting applications.
  • Having watched the videos, counselors will be available to answer parent/guardian questions during three zoom sessions (links to be sent next week):
    • Wednesday 9/23 at 4:00pm
    • Thursday 9/23 at 8:00am
    • Thursday 9/23 at 7:00pm
  • Seniors with Guidance Seminar on Day 8, Wednesday 9/23, will have questions answered during class time. Others with early deadlines can join Q&A sessions during Wednesday 9/23 office hours at 7:45am or 12:35pm. There will also be office hours before and after school on 9/30 and Day 3 Guidance Seminars on 10/7.
  • All the necessary forms will be available Monday and Ms. DeCastro will begin accepting completed forms on Tuesday 9/22.
  • Individual meetings with counselors (the final step in finalizing transcript requests) can be scheduled starting Thursday, 9/24, once the forms have been submitted.
We are looking forward to planning with you in the weeks ahead!
Weston High School Guidance