Letter From WPS Administration Regarding Election Day

Dear Weston Students and Families, 

Tomorrow is election day. This year, the election is generating a lot of strong opinions, emotions, and disagreement among both children and adults. Furthermore this election adds to an already stressful year, increasing our anxieties even further.

No matter the outcome, the election results will please some and disappoint others. As a school district, we will be working to reinforce our positive school communities as places where there is room for people to disagree respectfully. We will continue to embrace our community’s diversity and champion our country’s democratic institutions and processes. We will be helping some students manage their strong emotions and channel their feelings into positive action. 

We are enlisting your cooperation in upholding our district’s CARES values of encouraging positive assertion and communicating ideas and beliefs without negating those of others. Below are some resources to support you in talking with your children about the election in an age-appropriate manner. 

NASP Guidance for Ensuring Student Well-Being in the Context of the 2020 Election





Dr. Midge Connolly

Dr. Kimo Carter 

Ms. Amy Kelly