WHS Science Team Olympiad Results

Please congratulate the Science Team on their November and December performance in Science Olympiad events. Students competed as a team of four in a variety of rotating academic challenges. Even though science meets are all virtual they have been working harder than ever, even coordinating extra meets and practices with Winchester and Belmont (for fun). We currently are ranked 5th place out of 18 schools in the West Suburban Science League.
We competed in the following events:
Chemistry lab: 16th place (Anthony Cui, Matthew Fei, Neil Malur, Willy Middlezong)
Ornithology: 6th place (Erika Lu, Shrihan Yadav, Jessie Yuan, Chloe Zhong)
Dynamic planet: 1st place (Zander Ingare, Ella Kim, Angela Shen, Jessy Wang)
Sounds of music: 6th place (Ben Chen, Richard Li, Bryant Zeng)
Circuit Lab: 4th place (Anthony Cui, Richard Li, Neil Malur, Chloe Zhong) Designer Genes: 6th place. (Zander Ingare, Ella Kim, William Middlezong, Jessie Yuan)
Fossils: 5th place (Ben Chen, Matthew Fei, Anna Lian, Bryant Zeng) Neuroscience: 7th place (Arjun Jasuja, Shraddha Lulla, Neel Sharma, Jacob Ye)
We also have a large number of other members compete as a B team for the same events. These folks are an equal part of the team and A/B Teams are determined by tryouts for each event organized by the science team leadership. The whole team has been very dedicated and have been up to the challenge of taking on the Science Olympiad! Please also cheer on: Elisabeth Galton, Joy Han, Emma Hsiao, Erin Huang, Megan Malur, Gregoire Marsot, Clara Odio, Neel Sharma, Irene Wu, Olivia Yang, Daniel Zhu
I’m sure more good news will follow after our January meet!
Mary Liu & Chris Chiodo
WHS Science Teachers