Scholastic Regional Writing Award Winners

Congratulations to the following WHS students who were recognized for their excellence in various forms of writing by earning Scholastic Regional Writing Awards:

  • Eunice Lee received four Honorable Mentions for poetry submissions, including “Tomato Plant,” “shaking,” “nocturne,” and “Blind Sun.”
  • Mackenzie Morong received a Silver Key award for her personal essay/memoir “Never Again” and two Honorable Mentions, one for a critical essay “Losing Their Religion” and the other for a short story, “Leather Jacket.”
  • Natalie Rassiger received a Silver Key for her poem “What if I could?”.
  • Ivanka SooHoo received a Gold Key for her science fiction/fantasy piece “Hunter and Hunted” and a Silver Key for her personal essay/memoir “Bittersweet.”
  • Natalie Zhang received a Gold Key for her poem “feux d’artifice”

Congratulations to all of the WHS winners!