Schedule for April 26-April 30

Hello Wildcat Students and Families-

This week we will be transitioning from our previous ‘all-in/partial-day’ schedule, to an extended ‘all-in/full-day’ schedule on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday before making our final schedule shift starting on Monday, May 3.  For now, please see the important information regarding this upcoming week’s schedule below.  Please note the different times from the start of the week to the end of the week:

Monday, 4/26 8:30-1:00 Blocks A4, C4, D4, F4 (60 minute blocks)

Day 6 Remote 3:00-3:30 Block D-Teacher will communicate

Tuesday, 4/27 8:30-1:00 Blocks A5, C5, D5, F5 (60 minute blocks)

Day 7 Advisory 2:30-schedule review

Remote 3:00-3:30Block F-Teacher will communicate

Wednesday, 4/28 8:45-3:15 Blocks B3, E3, G3, H3 (85-90 minute blocks)

Day 8 -with 25 minute lunches-

Thursday, 4/29 8:45-3:15 Blocks B4, E4, G4, H4 (85-90 minute blocks)

Day 9 -with 25 minute lunches-

Friday, 4/30 8:45-3:15 Blocks B5, E5, G5, H5 (85-90 minute blocks)

Day 10 -with 25 minute lunches-

Additional information for Weston High School starting on Wednesday, 4/28:

1. Our school day will be extended from 8:45 A.M. until 3:15 P.M.   If you are driving your child to school, drop-off will now be 8:35 A.M. when our doors open.

2. For this week, our schedule will still have 4 blocks, which will become 85-90  minutes for Weds-Fri rather than the current 60 minutes.  RLA will mirror the In-school schedule. Starting, Monday, May 3rd we will go back to our traditional 5 block-8 day schedule.

3. Lunch Block:  Each grade will have a 30 minute lunch period.  Students may pre-order lunches or bring their own.  Lunch each day will occur outside, weather permitting.  For inclement weather scenarios, each student will have an assigned single lunch seat indoors, in our cafeteria.  Masks must be worn at all times indoors and outside, except while a student is eating their lunch or on a mask break.

4. For Outdoor Lunch:  We ask that students bring a towel/yoga mat with them each day to sit on outdoors.  There are some benches, picnic tables, chairs, and we will also have marked grass areas for eating.

5. Arrival and Dismissal Procedures:  They will remain the same, with our adjusted times… A.M. drop-off at 8:35.  If pool testing, students will be allowed in at our front doors at 8:20.  Afternoon pick-up remains the same.

6.  Here is a copy of our daily schedule for your reference or click to view



We recognize and appreciate that this school year has consisted of a remarkable number of shifts and changes, highs and lows, bumps and bruises.  We continue to be in awe of the flexibility, understanding, and patience our faculty, staff, students and parent community have shown during this time.  We are almost there.  Stay Wildcat strong!



Mr. Peri and Ms. Flynn