MCAS Schedule

ELA & MATH MCAS-all 10th graders some 11th

Monday, May 24 – Thursday May 27th (see schedule below)

2 Hour Delay Schedule

  • Monday and Tuesday are the ELA MCAS and Wednesday & Thursday are the Math, for all 10th graders (including RLA), and for the juniors who signed up to take the test in order to be eligible for the Adams Scholarship.
  • On Monday,Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday we will provide two bus runs
    • The first run is for any students who are testing at 8:45 (sophomores and some juniors)
    • The second bus run will be for students who do not need to arrive at school until 10:40, for their first block at 10:45 

 MCAS 2 Hour Delay 

 May 24, 25, 26, 27, 2021

Classes meet for 43 minutes  Blocks 1 & 3 switched


May 24th

Day 8


May 25th

Day 1


May 26th

Day 2


May 27th

Day 3

10:45-12:05 Lunch 3rd block

*10:45-11:12 1st lunch

Class Block 11:17-12:05

•11:10-11:37 2nd lunch        Class Blocks 10:45-11:07 & 11:37-12:03

•11:38-12:05 3rd lunch       Class Block 10:45-11:33 

F5 D1 H2 F2
12:08-12:51 2nd block E5 C1 A2 B2
12:56-1:39 1st Block B5 A1 B1 C2
1:44-2:27 4th block G5 H1 G1 D2
2:32-3:15 5th block D5 F1 E1 G2

Science MCAS for all Grade 9 

Tuesday, June 1st & Wednesday, June 2nd  

1 Hour Delay  

  • We will have only one bus run at the regular times for the Science MCAS
    • All 9 graders will begin testing at 8:45
    • Sophomores & Juniors who arrive by bus may go to the cafeteria or the gymnasium until 9:45.
    • Sophomores & Juniors also may drive or be dropped off for their first class at 9:45

8:45-9:45 Grade 9 in testing room for Science MCAS

Grades 10, 11 (not testing) in cafe or gym

Tuesday, June 1st Wednesday June 2

Early Release

9:50-10:44   First block B3 9:50-10:21 1st Block C4
Lunch (3rd Block) 10:49-12:18

10:49-11:19   1st Lunch  

                       Class 11:21-12:15

11:18-11:48   2nd Lunch 

                       Class 10:49-11:14

                       & 11:48-12:15

11:48-12:18   3rd Lunch 

                       Class 10:49-11:43

G3 10:26-10:57 2nd Block

No lunch-early release

12:23-1:17 Second Block A4 11:02-11:33 3rd Block D4
1:22-2:16 Fourth Block E3 11:38-12:09 4th Block H4
2:21-3:15 Fifth Block D3 12:14-12:45 5th Block F4