Back-to-School Public Health Updates

During the School Committee meeting on Wednesday, August 25, Health Services Director Jamy Gaynor and from the Town Board of Health COVID-19 Response Manager Michele Schuckel gave updates regarding pandemic safety plans over the coming year. They shared lots of important information, including the importance of checking students for symptoms each morning before school and keeping them home if they have any symptoms.

Click here to watch the school committee meeting (skip to 07:20 for town public health updates and 21:45 for the Health Services updates, including discussion of COVID-19 testing platforms).

Click here to see the current District COVID-19 Response Policy/Protocol

Click here to see the current District Indoor Mask and Face Covering Policy/Protocol

Click here or see below for the Health Services Director’s slide presentation regarding COVID-19 response for this year

Download (PDF, 1.32MB)

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