WHS Stock Market Club Speaker Rescheduled for 1/20/2022

The Weston Talks Speaker Series, hosted by the Weston Stock Market Club, is pleased to announce that Prof. Michael Spence will give a talk to the Stock Market Club via zoom on 1/20/2022 (more details on Google Classroom). Prof. Michael Spence is the 2001 recipient of the Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences. He has held teaching positions at Stanford University, where he is Philip H. Knight Professor Emeritus of Economics, and former Dean of the Stanford Graduate School of Business. He has taught at Harvard University, where he was Professor of Economics and Business Administration, Chairman of the Economics Department, and Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences. He currently teaches at the NYU Stern School of Business. His research focuses are the economics of information, economic growth, and dynamic competition. Spence received his Ph.D. from Harvard University, his B.A/M.A from the University of Oxford (Rhodes Scholar), and his B.A from Princeton University (summa cum laude).

Prof. Spence has kept a relatively low-key profile and rarely speaks with the public/media. This is a fantastic opportunity for students to learn from such a legendary economist right here on campus.

Anyone who is interested can access the meeting by first joining the Club through the Google Classroom link:


Please mark this event down on your calendar!

The event will be moderated by Zunian Luo, WHS 23’