Modified COVID Testing Schedule

Dear Weston School Community,

Happy New Year! 

As we open our schools in 2022 it can be lost on no one that we are facing challenges with respect to the Omicron variant. Even a cursory glance at the news makes clear that disease is widespread, even among the vaccinated. 

In this context I want to make clear that we are making all decisions as a district using a framework guided by the following objectives: 

(1) keeping students learning in person in school; 

(2) keeping extracurricular activities open and available to the fullest extent possible; and 

(3) keeping our school community safe. 

As we make our way through the next few weeks of school the continued support of the community is critical. Please encourage your students to participate in weekly COVID testing (register here if not already registered), to wear masks properly and to behave in a way that keeps themselves and their community safe. 

We have arranged with CIC Health a modified schedule next week that prioritizes testing of all students early on. The testing schedule will be as follows:

Testing Day Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday (12:30 – 3:30) Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday

(12:30 – 3:30)

Tuesday or Wednesday  Monday Tuesday
Location Assistant Principal’s Conference Room Room 102 Classroom Classroom Classroom
Format Drop-in




Classroom-to-classroom Classroom-to-classroom Classroom-to-classroom


*Please note testing schedule may change based on CIC Health staffing levels on any given day.

Thank you for your continued partnership.

The Administrative Team