Guidance for Music and Athletic Events

Dear Weston School Families,

The COVID-19 virus continues to present us with new variants and with each new variant comes differing advice and/or guidance from the federal and state governmental agencies.  We have worked hard as a community to meet these challenges and make decisions based upon the science and best practice with a constant focus on keeping the safety of our students, employees, and all families at the center of our decision making process. We are committed to the continuation of this practice. 

Over the past many months, working closely with the Weston Board of Health, we have continued to rely on our data in conjunction with local and federal guidance in efforts to make adjustments to our protocols whenever necessary. We find ourselves needing to adjust our guidance for students participating in higher risk activities including athletics and music (wind/chorus).  Following updated CDC guidelines for safely returning to school, AAP Return to Play Protocol, and incorporating the recently released NCAA guidance for returning to athletics, we will begin tomorrow with the following changes (Athletic/Music Guidance):

Any person diagnosed with COVID-19 may return to play on Day 6 if the following conditions are met:

  • Asymptomatic or significant improvement in symptoms, AND
  • Proof of negative rapid antigen test on Day 6 or after

We want to thank all of those in the community who continue to respectfully share their knowledge, expertise, and hopes with us as we work together to provide as many opportunities to our children and youth as we are safely able to do.  Much appreciation for being partners throughout this ever-changing, unprecedented time. We remain optimistic, attentive and responsive.



Jamy Gaynor

Midge Connolly

Anita Raman