All State Music Results

The All-State results are in and our Weston students performed extremely well!  Weston had a 16 students accepted!!    Please note in the results the balance between band, orchestra and chorus. This is also very impressive to me.  I am so proud of our students and teachers whose dedication to excellence is so obvious in how they prepare for these auditions.

The below students were selected for the 2022 Massachusetts All-State Band, Chorus & Orchestra.  They were selected by audition from students throughout the state of Massachusetts and will perform at Boston Symphony Hall on  Saturday, March 5, 2022.

Christopher Memoli
Director of Music
Weston Public Schools


First Last Grade Part
Adam Balbale 9 All State Tenor Voice
Sean Balbale 11 All State Tenor Voice
Ian Chang 11 All State CONCERT Snare Drum
Carolyn Choi 11 All State Violin
Trevor Gold 11 All State Bass Voice
Jonathan Henry 12 All State Timpani
Roy Huang 11 All State Violin
Andrew Kim 9 All State Cello
Ella Kim 11 All State Violin
Thomas Lohse 12 All State Bass Voice
Alida Svenson 10 All State Soprano Voice
Carson Valenta 10 All State ORCHESTRA String Bass
Eric Wei 10 All State Cello
Philip Wohlfeld 10 All State Bass Voice
Chloe Zhong 10 All State Flute
Daniel Zhu 11 All State Oboe