PTO Green Teacher Spotlight

PTO Green team
The PTO Green Team would like to celebrate the longstanding leadership of Janet Kresl Moffat, Biology teacher at Weston High School for her commitment to students who are passionate about the environment.
She shared with us a little bit about the club she leads called SEA in her own words: “Students for Environmental Action (SEA) has been a Weston High Club for over 30 years. I have been the advisor for at least 15 of those years. It’s inspirational to work with students who are passionate about making change in the world they are inheriting. Over the years, the focus has remained on the word “action” – everything from recycling plastics to having educational days on global issues, including climate change. This year, students are working on recycling plastic bags at the Weston transfer station, lobbying their state legislator on climate change bills, assisting in growing lettuce in the high school greenhouse for the cafeteria, and an art exhibit with the Cambridge School in Weston focusing on sustainability.”