[Family Resources] Discussing News with Students

Dear Weston Public Schools community,

The following letter from District Psychologist Madeline Steinberg and Director of Equity and Professional Learning Amy Kelly to families was sent out on March 7, 2022.


As we continue to live through uncertain times, please look out for any troubling signs of anxiety and unhappiness from your children, and contact your child’s guidance counselor or principal with any concerns. Similarly, we will continue to look out for all children while they are at school, note any signs of distress, and let you know if we have any concerns about your child. 

We thought it might be helpful to share some resources to support you in speaking with children about what they may be seeing on the news.  

For All Ages

For Elementary/Middle School Students

Additional resources for educators and families:

Thank you for your support and care. Our partnership together can help our children feel safe and navigate through a turbulent world. Sincerely,


Dr. Madeline Steinberg

District Psychologist, Weston Public Schools


Amy Kelly 

District Director of Equity and Professional Learning 


Download (PDF, 62KB)