Updated WHS Attendance Policies and Procedures

Parents/guardians are to call the 24 hour Absence Line, (781) 786-5299 before 10:00 a.mon the days their child is absent from school, tardy to school or to be dismissed from school, in order for the absence, tardy or dismissal to be excused. The phone message should include the full student’s name, grade, the parent/guardian’s name, the date and reason for the absence, late arrival or dismissal. Students will be allowed to make up work missed during excused absences, tardies and dismissals.

Parents can also email attendance at HSattendance@weston.org and should include the student’s full name, students grade, the parent/guardian’s name, the date and reason for the absence, late arrival or dismissal.

The Attendance Office is located in the corridor off the main lobby. In lieu of a phone call, or email parents/guardians can provide the student with a note that includes the date, time, and reason for their student’s absence, late arrival, or dismissal and signed by parent or guardian.

The following circumstances constitute an excused absence, tardy or dismissal:
1.  Illness
2. Visit to physician
3. Bereavement for family or friend
4. Religious holiday
5. College visit with advance notification and college appointment letter provided to the Attendance Office
6. School sponsored activity/field trip
7. Significant family events: parents to notify the Attendance Office in advance
8. Special exemptions granted by the Principal only

Regarding classes missed due to unexcused absence, tardiness or dismissal, students will not receive credit for work assigned and/or due that day in the classes missed and will be given a grade of zero for that day for tests, quizzes, presentations and participation.

If you have any questions please contact Assistant Principal Jennifer Knight at knightj@weston.org