WHS Center for Community & Civic Engagement

Dear WHS Students, Parents, & Guardians:

On Monday, December 19, 2022 we will launch the Weston High School Student Center for Community & Civic Engagement.  Our first goal is to connect students to community service opportunities in the Weston Community, and Greater Boston area.

The Center is in the School Store next to the cafeteria.  We will be open every lunch block this week and again during the second half of the school year.

  • We have built a large database of community service opportunities housed on two large Macintosh computers in the School Store.  The Database can be sorted by location or category.
  • Students may stop by the Center and look through the various volunteer opportunities.
  • We have a phone set-up for students to call any organizations they are interested in.
  • We will track and record any community service hours.

Weston High School is committed to helping students use their talents, skills, and compassion to affect positive social change. By engaging with people in communities with varied life experiences, students develop a greater understanding of the root causes of many societal issues, along with the personal enjoyment and growth that come from hands-on engagement opportunities.

Thank you,

Ms. Kelly Flynn

Business Teacher