Letter from Weston School Committee

Dear Weston School Community,

On behalf of the Weston School Committee, we extend our deepest appreciation and gratitude to Dr. Midge Connolly for her years of service as superintendent. Dr. Connolly accomplished much during her tenure, ensuring that all students receive a “Weston Education” through elementary curriculum alignment; recruiting an awe-inspiring administrative council; implementing a robust district-wide program to help our outstanding faculty and staff better reach all students regardless of development or background; and leading our community through those most uncertain times during the pandemic.

In addition, Dr. Connolly has spearheaded new programs that will continue to improve our district outcomes, helping each child reach their full potential. She has been a strong supporter and partner with many of our town and school organizations. At the center of all of her work is her commitment to students, and we are forever grateful for her dedication to the WPS community.

Today the district posted the job opening and will accept submissions for the next two weeks. The School Committee will begin the process for identifying an interim superintendent at our next meeting on Monday, February 27, 2023. We look forward to communicating the process,  timeline, and opportunities for community input in the coming weeks.

We wish Dr. Connolly the best as she starts this new chapter. Please take a moment to thank her for her contributions over the next few months.


Kenneth A. Newberg, Chair

Alyson Muzila, Vice Chair

Weston School Committee