Theater Company Drama Festival Results

This past Saturday March 4, 2023 , the company of The Illusion attended the preliminary round of the Massachusetts High School State Drama Festival Competition. It was an incredible day of sharing theater with six other high schools.
I am very proud to share with you all that the production was selected to move on to the next round of competition! On March 18th, The Illusion cast and crew members will compete at the semi-final round of the drama festival. Our students represented Weston exceptionally well in all aspects, from their performances to their ability to connect with other schools and truly embrace the spirit of the drama festival.
The festival judges were extremely impressed with the production and awarded the following “All Star Company Awards” to our students:
  • For Excellence in Acting in the role of Calisto/Clindor/Theogenes: Justin Kirk
  • For Excellence in Acting in the role of Melibea: Brigid Arturi
  • For Excellence in Fight Choreography Execution: Abe Smith, Alcapone Pujols, Justin Kirk, and Lanz Perez-Kudzma
  • For Excellence in Lighting Design: Keesh Davidoff
In addition, their peers awarded them a Student Recognition Award for Nyx Choi’s  “Amazing Costumes” and for the cast’s “Radical Combat Choreography”
Some highlights from the judges’ comments about the production include:
  • “The full company of actors in this play excelled at being connected to the text, understanding the text, and delivering it with sincerity.”
  • “It was clear the company was working in harmony from the very first moment of this play.”
  • “You nailed Theater Technique 101: motivated movement, cue pick-up, projection, diction, pace, and body control. Well done.”
  • “There was clear commitment across the company to tone, atmosphere, and energy – a true ensemble effort on and off the stage.”
  • “Vocal work was SO! DANG! GOOD! Across the board!”
I am so proud of this group and wanted to share the good news with all of you. Congrats to the full company!
Anne Isaacs

Drama Director/English Teacher

Weston High School