Schedule for Thursday, April 27th

This Thursday, 4/27 will be an activity block schedule; however, instead of activity block, we will have three events taking place.
First, in honor of earth month, the Students for Environmental Awareness will be hosting a presentation about the developing carbon neutral technology with guest speaker Yi Zheng in the GEC. Any student can join this talk, and Dr. Yi has graciously offered to take 10 interested students to his labspace and is open to having students do research with him over the summer! Please rsvp by filling out this form.
RSVP here for a Climate Presentation in GEC with Professor Yi Zheng
Second, all freshmen, sophomores and juniors not at the GEC lecture should report to the auditorium for student council speeches. The student council election will immediately follow the speeches online.
Third, seniors who are not at the lecture should report to the library for a senior class meeting.
Those are the three choices!
Thanks, Ms. Brisky