Student Information on Final Days Schedule

Student Guidelines – FINALS DAYS

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  1. Students should attend all classes that are meeting during Final Exams; see your teacher if you are unsure about which classes this includes.  
    1. The following classes will not meet during FINALS:  ALL Art, Business, and Music classes; Speech & Journalism; Wellness Education (Family & Consumer Sciences, Health Education & Physical Education).  Students are not required to be in the building during these class blocks.  
  2. Students who are in the building when they do not have a Final Exam/class scheduled will be directed to sign in and remain in a supervised study as follows: 
    1. Freshmen – Media Center
    2. Sophomores – GEC
    3. Juniors – Library
  3. All students in the building during Finals Blocks should be in their assigned class, or they will be sent to an assigned study.  
  4. The cafeteria will be closed during all Finals and no students should be in the Cafeteria, except those in an assigned study meeting there.
  5. Math Classes are Meetings during Finals:  Please follow your individual teacher’s instructions for your assigned Math blocks.
  6. On Finals Days, the gymnasium/weight room will be open for all students during all Study/Reading Periods & Lunch blocks.  Equipment for outdoor activities will be available for sign-out to use outdoors as well.   This will be supervised by WellEd staff


Food Services-FINALS Days

  • Food Services will be open for meals as follows:
    • Finals –  Breakfast – 7:30 to 9:30 / Lunch – 11:30 – 1:10  
  • Food services will be closed and the cafeteria will be closed during all Finals Blocks except for students in assigned studies.


Click here for Final Exam Schedule