WHS Library News

Welcome back to your school library!  We are so glad to see you and have a lot of news to share with you. A big welcome your new librarian, Ms. Lockwell. She is happy to be here and is enjoying getting to know all of you.

Library Crafts

Make the the cutest little felt bat you’ve ever seen (designed by Ms. Lockwell).  Go to the back of the library to find the supplies and instructions. Or, design your own felt creation. You can also make a fuse bead project.

Genrefying your library

We made it easier for you to find books to read for fun by breaking out the horror, science fiction, fantasy, and mystery/thriller books. We know this is a good move because students have been checking out more books!  We are excited to improve your library experience.

Library displays this month

Free newspaper subscriptions

  • The New York Times (on campus only–no sign in needed)
  • New York Times games (sign up in library)
  • The Athletic (sign up in library)
  • The Wall Street Journal (password needed–ask your librarians)

Media literacy vocabulary word for this month: Lateral Reading

Lateral reading helps you evaluate news stories. When you read a news story from a source with which you are not familiar, and it’s telling you something dramatic or new, confirm the facts before you trust. Look at other news outlets that you trust to see how they are reporting on the issue.

 If the facts are the same across several trusted news sources, trust it. If the facts are different across several trusted news sources, wait until the story develops and the facts are the same across sources before you trust.  If the facts in other news sources are the same and the facts in the news source you are reading are different, don’t trust the source that is different.

News develops over time. Give it a few days and the facts will become clearer.

We look forward to seeing you in the library soon! Thanks for reading 🙂

Your librarians,

Mrs. Hanson and Ms. Lockwell